Five Tibetan Rites – Exercises for Rejuvenation, Cervical Spine and Weight Loss

5 tibetan rites

The Fountain of Youth is a mythical spring, claimed to restore the youth of anyone who finds it and drinks from its waters. It is also a synonym for the Five Tibetan Rites, a little-known workout which earned the prestigious title due to its amazing benefits related to anti-aging, weight loss and spinal health.

The exercises share some similarities with yoga, although yoga is focused on maintaining static positions, while the Five Tibetan Rites are based on repeated movement. The Rites are effective at strengthening and stretching all the major muscle groups and they also help maintain balance.

You must be wondering how it is possible for these Tibetan exercises to have such an overwhelmingly positive effect on our bodies and overall health.

If you are ready to buckle down and perform these exercises with commitment, you may end up being pleasantly surprised.

The Tibetan exercises for spine, rejuvenation and weight loss work by activating the chakras. They have been specially designed to normalize our hormone-producing glands and the rate at which the seven primary energy centers (chakras) operate. That is what makes them effective.

When our energy vibration centers are out of balance, we experience chronic fatigue, followed by illness, premature aging, a weak endocrine system and slow metabolism.

By regularly performing the Five Tibetan Rites, we get the chi energy (also life force energy or Prana) flowing, which can then freely circulate through every cell in the body.

As a result, your body is rejuvenated and can proceed with the self-healing process by rectifying any hormone imbalances that have potentially accumulated over the years (as a result of pregnancies, diets, stress, medications, sedentary lifestyle and aging).

Another important element when it comes to these exercises is staying focused on a specific, proper way of breathing between and during the exercises and on coordinating the breathing with the motions.

To sum up, the Five Tibetan Rites are a combination of the following three elements:

  • daily exercise,
  • sticking to a particular sequence and form of exercises,
  • synchronizing breathing and movements.

The Health Benefits of Regularly Practicing the Five Tibetan Rites

The Five Tibetan Rites is an ancient sequence of postures that increases energy levels, activates the chakras and grants other health benefits such as:

  • increasing strength and flexibility,
  • releasing tension and reducing stress levels,
  • tightening sagging skin on chin, arms, thighs,
  • alleviating joint pain and back pain,
  • deep, uninterrupted sleep,
  • improved memory and mental focus,
  • revitalizing organs,
  • mitigating symptoms of menopause,
  • improved breathing,
  • increased libido.

How to Perform the Five Tibetan Rites?

If your overall fitness level is not at its highest, you should start by doing just 5-7 repetitions and gradually work your way up until you can do a set of 21. Start by doing an odd number of repetitions and increase the number by two every week.

Before Performing the Exercises

  • The exercises are best performed in the morning because they boost energy levels (making it difficult to fall asleep afterwards) and speed up the metabolism ( the body burns more fat during the day).
  • Perform the exercises on an empty stomach or 2 hours after your last meal.
  • The Five Tibetan Rites are best performed outside (not in the sun) or in well-ventilated spaces.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  • If possible, do the exercises after your morning shower since water washes away the Prana (life force energy) generated by these exercises.
  • If you perform the exercises in the correct manner, you shouldn’t break a sweat, so taking a shower won’t be necessary. In case you feel the need to shower anyway, use cold or lukewarm water.
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