List of Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is always unpleasant, especially if it hits when we are not in a position to go to the dentist. Tooth pain most commonly occurs during the night, and for a very simple reason – pain appears in form of pressure on the nerve endings, and during the night, when the body is resting, there is an increased blood flow to the painful area, increasing the pressure on the nerves.

Although going to the dentist is inevitable, there are a number of home remedies that can help relieve the tooth pain if it occurs during the night, weekend, holiday, or at any time you are unable to go to the dentist.

Although the following remedies can not permanently solve the problem of tooth pain, they are very effective in relieving the pain:

Clove Oil and Olive Oil

Mix clove oil and olive oil and apply to the affected area using cotton balls. Repeat three times a day. You can also chaw the clove for a few minutes with your healthy teeth, since direct encounter of this herb with aching teeth can cause even bigger problems.

Clove contains eugenol, which naturally relieves pain, has antibacterial properties and disinfects the mouth cavity. Except for tooth pain, it is also beneficial for asthma, cough, skin diseases, headache, and digestive problems.


Mix half a teaspoon of nutmeg powder with a teaspoon of mustard, sesame or coconut oil. Use a small cotton ball to apply the mixture to the affected tooth and leave it on for a while. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with warm water.

Repeat this procedure at most every two days considering that nutmeg also contains myristicin, a substance that has sedative and hallucinogenic effects when taken in larger doses. However, in small doses, aside from relieving tooth pain, it prevents nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Cardamom Seeds, Ginger and Liquorice

Mix a pinch of cardamom seeds’ green powder, dried ginger and liquorice and add a few drops of honey. Apply the mixture to the surface of the affected tooth and leave it on for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with water.

Liquorice contains glycyrrhizine, a substance that has been shown to have antibiotic effect against the bacteria causing caries; ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect, while cardamom disinfects the oral cavity and restores fresh breath. You can also use each of these spices individually in order to relieve tooth pain.

Barbasco Plant (Mexican Wild Yam, Jamaican Dogwood)

Dilute 30 to 60 drops of the tincture in a small amount of water and drink three to four times a day. You can buy this medicine in herbal shops or via the Internet. Not only does the barbasco plant help with tooth pain, but it also effectively relieves menstrual pain.


Cranesbill and Marshmallow

Cranesbill is a plant that has adstrictive and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the irritation and swelling of the mucous membrane. Combined with marshmallow, these properties gain more intensity. Combine half a teaspoon of cranesbill and half a teaspoon of marshmallow in a cup of hot water. Also, you can use 30 to 60 drops of the tincture for natural healing.

St John’s Wort

To relieve tooth pain you can use tea made of St John’s wort, marigold and laurel leaves. Pour half a liter of water on five teaspoons of these plants. After the water boils, remove from the heat. Wait 30 to 40 minutes and use the tea to rinse your mouth.

You can make the tea by mixing two teabags or tablespoons of peppermint tea with four tablespoons of melissa and St John’s wort. Add five drops of valerian and let the tea stand for 15 minutes. Two cups of this tea are recommended as a painkiller.

Cinnamon and Honey

Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with five teaspoons of honey and place it on the affected tooth. You can repeat this three times a day for as long as the tooth pain lasts.

In addition to helping with tooth pain, research has shown that regular use of cinnamon reduces the levels of sugar and fat in the blood. It is also useful for enhancing digestion and protecting against the harmful effects of free radicals.


Garlic has analgesic and anesthetic properties, which can help with tooth pain. To relieve the pain, put a piece of crushed garlic on the affected tooth.

To relieve the tooth pain you can also use the soak that you will make by placing finely chopped onion into a paper towel and crushing it further with your hands to extricate as much of the desired substance as possible. Hold the soak for a few minutes on the painful area of your cheek.


Alcohol, especially in form of brandy and cognac, is a popular home remedy for tooth pain. Alcohol alleviates tooth inflammation by disinfecting and destroying the buildup of bacteria causing it. To relieve tooth pain, rinse the affected area several times with alcohol at room temperature.


To relieve tooth pain, apply a few drops of vanilla to the affected tooth. In addition, vanilla calms cramps in the stomach and intestines. Also, the soothing vanilla scent effectively relaxes and removes tension.


Rose Hip

Rose hip tea can help in cases of tooth pain, and it is also useful in kidney diseases, dysentery and epilepsy.

Lavender and Vinegar

You can relieve the tooth pain by pouring vinegar (100 ml) on a teaspoon of lavender (dried or fresh) and holding the mixture in your mouth for a few minutes. In no case should you swallow this remedy.


Melt several tablespoons of salt in warm water and rinse the tooth thoroughly for about two minutes. Do not swallow.

Also, you can mix half a teaspoonful of salt with half a teaspoon of aluminum sulphate and apply it to the tooth.


It is a well-known fact that affecting certain acupuncture points can ease the pain. See which points need to be stimulated when it comes to tooth pain:

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