Penis enlargement – What Works and What Does Not?

penis enlargement

The average penis size in Europe is 5 to 7 inches, in Africa it ranges from 6 to 8 inches, and in Asia 3 to 4 inches. An European with a penis smaller than 3 inches is considered to have a micropenis. Regardless the fact that the vast majority of men have a joystick longer than 3 inches, they are very much convinced that this is “too small“. The main culprit in this matter are pornographic movies featuring actors that have oversized love muscles.

Porn Movies and Oversized Penises

Advertising campaigns for penis enlargement products only add fuel to the fire burning in the minds of many contemporary men. There is hardly a person, male or female, who has never received a spam message with something along these lines: “Is your girl unhappy with the size of your penis? Use our super pills and gain as much as 2 inches today!”

Such advertising campaigns make men all around the world consider penis enlargement.

If we choose to follow the trends imposed on us by manufacturers of penis enlargement pills, then everybody who does not have a two-foot penis has to do everything they can to enlarge it ASAP.

How to Enlarge Your Penis?

We have looked into the various options out there for those looking to upgrade their hardware; we have divided these options into:

  • methods that work,
  • methods that might work and
  • methods that certainly do not work

Methods that Work

This category includes surgical procedures penile lenghtening and penis enlargement (male enhancement).

Penis Lenghtening Surgery

This procedure begins with the incision and division of the penile suspensory ligament, subsequently to which the lower part of the penis becomes an active part of the penis.

In a 24-hour postoperative process, the drain from the area that was under surgery is removed. The surgical suture retreats from the area within ten days after the surgery, and it is not recommended to engage in sexual intercourse for the next 6 weeks. This method can increase penile lenght for at least an inch, if not 3.

What Will the Penis Look Like After the Surgery?

Although it can make the penis bigger very quickly, there is a downside to this new look. Since there is no more ligament to hold it upright, the penis will look different when erect– it will be perpendicular to the rest of the body, as if hanging. Men that underwent this surgical procedure often say they feel that their penis is “unstable“. Because of these negative side-effects, as many as 30% of men who undergo these procedures are NOT satisfied with the result.

There is also a risk that the surgery will cause impotence or impair the sensation in the critical area. If the operation is performed by a good surgeon/urologist, this risk is minimal.

Penis Widening Surgery (Enlargement)

Fatty tissue or silicone are injected into the penis, so it is possible to achieve a widening of up to 30%. The problem is that the effects of this operation abate over time because the fatty tissue is absorbed and after approximately one year the procedure should be repeated. The most problematic risk involved is penile girth, and also the possibility of reduced sensation in the penis. The satisfaction in men who underwent widening is somewhat larger than that in men who underwent penis extension – about 80%.

Costs of Penis Surgery

The prices are similar in some European countries (around 4,000 EUR) while in some the combined procedure goes up to 8,000 EUR.

Products/Methods That Might Work

When we say that they “might work“, we mean there is a certain number of people who have confirmed that they work, but there is a lack of scientific proof. Their greatest advantage is that they are “natural methods“ because there are no surgical procedures nor chemical compounds involved.

Vacuum Pump

The penis is placed into a cylinder that sucks the air out, which results in the vacuum drawing extra blood into the penis, making it erect and a little bigger. Before the age of Viagra, vacuum pumps were used in cases of erectile dysfunction.

The vacuum pump efficiently enlarges the penis, but the effect is temporary. Those who claim that a vacuum pump can enlarge the penis in the long run usually emphasize that it happens because the pumping process causes the penis to expand and receive more blood.

It is important to know that the vacuum pump should not be used for more than 20 minutes, as sensitive blood vessels of the penis could crack and the elastic tissue might get damaged.

Stretching with Weights

Stretching is the oldest penis enhancement method known to man. It was practiced in some African tribes over 2000 years ago. This method requires a rope. The weight is attached to the one end of the rope and the penis to the other (usually by tying aknot under the glans). From there on, an erection should be induced; when this is accomplished, weight lifting is performed. The warm-up requires a lighter weight, which is then gradually replaced with heavier weights. This method increases the strength and endurance of the penis, which can also lead to increased size.

Penile stretching can also have ramifications such as damage to the nervous tissue, permanent scars, chronic pain and impotence.

If you have decided on this stretching method, you can expect some progress regarding the length of your tool, while the width should only increase at the bottom/base of the penis.

Jelqing (“milking”)

This is an exercise that allegedly came from the Arab world many years ago and which should strengthen the tissue of the penis. There are a lot of books and video materials that deal with this technique.

The main benefit that is often mentioned is a more frequent, stronger and harder erection, but some claim that it also works so as to increase the size of the penis. The same individuals assert that“milking” provided them with an additional inch in length and a little bit in width. Those who want to try this method should keep in mind that the results do not come immediately; it takes at least a month of daily exercise to see changes. Also, if the exercise is not performed correctly, you risk damaging the tissue and causing dangerous scars. Those who indulge in this adventure, be careful!

Where Does the Term “Milking” Come From?

The movements that are being performed in this technique are similar to those performed when milking a cow – hence the name.

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