How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

sore throat

Sore throat can be caused by viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust… What these all have in common is that they manifest themselves on the mucous membrane of the throat and tonsils (if the latter have not been surgically removed). Here is what you can do to tell the bacteria, viruses, and allergies that mess with your throat to sod off.

How To Cure a Sore Throat?

The following recipes and advice will be divided into three groups. Dietary supplements comprise the first group, whereas some of them boost the body’s natural defenses, while some act as antibiotics. The second group includes advice on throat, mouth and nose hygiene. Analgesics, which make up the third group, cannot cure you, but they sure make this sour experience less painful.

Dietary Supplements

Vitamin C

It is an old chestnut that Vitamin C strengthens immunity, subsequently helping with a sore throat. On the other side, what many people do not know is what amount of vitamin C is desirable. Inflammations require a very high intake of vitamin C – about 1,000 mg daily (otherwise the recommended daily dose is 100 mg). Be cautious when purchasing vitamin C. Stores usually offer effervescent tablets with small quantities of vitamin C, about 100 mg per tablet. Better option is a pharmacy, where you can buy tablets with quantities above 1000 mg per tablet. Be sure to carefully read the labels listing all the ingredients of the vitamin pills you take to know where you stand.


As everyone knows, calcium is good for bones. It is less known that it is also very helpful in cases of sore throat. Calcium acts anti-inflammatory, it strengthens leukocyte resistance, and also has a positive effect on vascular permeability.


Garlic is the strongest natural antibiotic known to man. It is also easily attainable. A clove a day keeps the bacterial inflammations away. But sometimes it is not practical to eat garlic every day – after all, it does make your breath terrible. However, when it comes to sore throat caused by inflammation, curing it is more important than having fresh breath. In cases of sore throat, the ideal dose of garlic is 1 to 3 cloves per day.


Another antiseptic/antibiotic that can be of great help when it comes to sore throat caused by inflammation.


Honey offers a variety of well known health benefits. Among others, it acts to suppress cough and calm the irritated mucosa, which makes it excellent for treating sore throat. We suggest you take it with hot tea because the body needs lots of water.


Propolis has a strong antibiotic effect. It will reach its full potential if applied directly to the mucous membrane. Propolis spray is available at pharmacies.


Sage is an excellent topical antiseptic and can also solve the sore throat problem.

What to do with sage?

  • Sage tea. You can get dried sage in a pharmacy. Dip it in hot water and remove after a few minutes. The remaining liquid will be greenish. Half a cup will suffice. Sage tea is not meant to be drank, but gargled. Gargling will help rinse your mouth and throat without you swallowing the fluid.
  • Essential oil. Tap a few drops of sage essential oil into the air humidifier so that the oil evaporates and fills up your airways.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness, Especially When It Comes to Sore Throat!

The throat, mouth cavity and nose can be washed and cleaned. This is desirable because in this way we reduce the quantities of bacteria and impurities in them.
Gargling with lukewarm salt water is a good method of rinsing the throat. The salt attaches impurities, ridding the throat of their unwelcome presence.
The tongue is a suitable habitat for many bacteria, which is one of the reasons gurgling is so important.


Inflammation of the throat cannot be treated in an instant and therefore it is good to know how to reduce the pain caused by sore throat. Herbal pastilles are very effective and available in all pharmacies. A shot of hard liquor also helps because it acts anti-inflammatory. Paracetamol relieves pain. And the honey we have already mentioned is beneficial in several ways.

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