No-Carb Diet for Quick Weight Loss

No-carb Diet

Low- and no-carb diets are very popular for two reasons. The first reason is that they give quick results and the second is the fact that some of them (eg. Atkinson’s Diet) allow for certain foods (meat, cheeses) to be consumed in large quantities. We have been studying these diets thoroughly and here is what we found out.

A no-carb diet is based on the assumption that the body that is not provided with enough carbohydrates will tap into the fat deposits for energy.

This will result in melting of fat deposits and loss of pounds.

No-Carb Diet Menu

There are several diets based on this approach. In addition to Atkinson’s as the most famous among them, there is also the Zone Diet, high-protein diet, Stillman’s diet and others.

The main dietary constraint when it comes to this kind of diet is cutting out foods rich in carbohydrates and those rich in proteins and fats.

Foods and substances rich in carbohydrates are: pasta, rice, bread, alcohol, sweet foods and fruits.

After crossing out the abovementioned foods from your menu, you are left with meat, cheese, eggs, mushrooms and other products rich and proteins. You should eat as much as possible of these.

How Effective is this Carb-Free Weight Loss Technique?

With this diet it is possible to lose a few pounds in a short time. However, research has shown that the weight loss in question is much more of a loss of water and muscle tissue than fat loss.

Muscles burn calories even while you are resting. If you have lost a large amount of muscle mass, you will require a smaller amount of food.

Many Hollywood stars choose some of the no-carb diets in order to prepare for the part in a short period of time.

Disadvantages of Low-Carb Diets

In order for a diet to be effective, body fat should be melted. This process requires of the body to be devoid of all carbohydrates, including fruit. However, as we already know, fruit is essential for its vitamins.

If a no-carb diet allows fruit consumption, its effectiveness is called into question because each fruit sort contains simple carbohydrates. Some diets have taken this problem into account, and they prescribe vitamin supplements to compensate for vitamin deficiency.

Another low-carb diet flaw is that it is not suitable for athletes. Extreme physical activity requires a lot of energy, and the body can not acquire this energy from fat tissue quickly enough. However, this can be avoided if L-carnitine is introduced into the body, for it accelerates this process.

Our Advice – Say Good Riddance to the Sweets

Most of us take too much carbohydrates daily, most of all simple carbohydrates (sweets, chocolate, etc.), so reducing the amount of carbohydrates would be preferable.

If you eat a lot of sweets, or say add sugar to your coffee and other drinks, then we highly recommend that you get rid of that habit.

The only way for the body to cope with an increase of carbohydrates in blood is to store the extra in the fat deposits. This is where our advice comes in handy – get rid of the sweet foods and replace them with fruit.

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