Diet Plan for Healthy Weight Loss

Diet Plan

Today’s fast-paced way of life has an increasing number of people eating unhealthy, which consequently leads to the majority of people being dissatisfied with their weight. Thinking back on it, there’s a good chance you can remember at least one time when you really wanted to get rid of the extra 10 lbs keeping you out of your favorite pair of jeans, prompting you to try out the new weight-loss diet that was all the rage at the moment.

But the question is, which diet plan really makes you lose weight the healthy way, while simultaneously being effective enough for the extra body fat to just melt away fast and easy, never to return again? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but such a diet plan simply does not exist.

The majority of weight loss plans are, for the most part, simply not good for you in the long run. From this point on, let’s free our minds from concepts such as “dietary regimen“, “restriction” and “starving“. The focus of the article will instead primarily be on maintaining a healthy diet, which in turn also leads to healthy weight loss.

In order to lose weight the healthy way, the primary prerequisite is first developing a well thought-out diet plan that includes a wide variety of healthy foods. Below we have prepared for you a number of suggestions regarding groceries and food products that should find their way into your own diet plan.

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy, or rather, healthy weight loss makes the majority of people apprehensive about the whole thing. The very word “healthy” makes it sound elusive, costly and difficult to put into practice. In spite of this initial perception, however, eating healthy is anything but complicated.

The first and most important element that factors into creating and maintaining a healthy diet is determination. The choice to start eating healthy, as the very word suggests, is made primarily for health. And while health is great for initial motivation, going through with healthy eating will also have the added benefit of resulting in a great body, healthy skin and fingernails, and will often lead to increased confidence due to achieving our desired looks.

A strong will and determination, especially when faced with the sheer number and variety of delicious and appetizing, but ultimately unhealthy foods adorning the shelves of grocery stores and jumping at you from restaurant menus, can be really difficult to achieve and maintain. One thing you may have not been aware of, however, is that a healthy diet can also be very delicious.

When eating healthy, it is very important to never go hungry. Try to eat more times a day and eat in moderate amounts. We also recommend sneaking in smaller meals somewhere between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Five smaller meals a day, instead of the conventional three, will help speed up your metabolism and spread out the energy more evenly throughout the day.


Let us start with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The point of having breakfast is consuming enough nutrients to keep you energized throughout the day. We would recommend never skipping breakfast. Also, try to have breakfast within the first hour of waking up.

zobene-pahuljiceOatmeal, at the top of the list, apart from being tasty and affordable, has the advantage that you can have it every day, while also mixing in a number of other foods so you do not get bored with plain old oatmeal. Have some fun with the ingredients and toss in your favorite fruit, almonds and other nuts, or perhaps a spoonful of honey or chia seeds to really make you feel full and add a variety of different nutrients.

You can make oatmeal pudding as well. 

Oatmeal is all-natural and rich in fiber, which increases the feeling of fullness. It is also a great source of complex carbohydrates and, best of all, a serving size of oatmeal of about 100 grams has just 347 calories.

Eggs, a tried and trusted breakfast favorite, will make your breakfast both healthy and delicious. Eggs can be prepared in so many different ways, and whether you like them poached, boiled, scrambled or fried, one thing is for sure: they will always be good for you. Also, in spite of what you might have heard, don’t steer clear of the egg yolks. The cholesterol and saturated fat in egg yolks are good fats that are beneficial to your health.

This healthy food can be combined with vegetables of your choice, for example fresh tomatoes or peppers, and you can add a slice of bread. Bread does not necessarily have to be bad for you. It only becomes an issue when it is laced with additives. Instead of plain white bread, try whole grain or bread with mixed grains and seeds. Another option is baking your own bread. Apart from being delicious, it makes for a really cheap alternative.

Polenta is a dish which, in spite of being very tasty and simple, almost completely fell off the map. It makes for an excellent meal to start off the day, it is very easy to prepare and gets even tastier if you serve it with yogurt or light, low-fat cream.

Polenta, made exclusively from cornmeal, is very rich in protein, vitamin, and many other nutrients. In addition to being a great breakfast dish, polenta can also be a great side dish for lunch.


Tuna makes for a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, while simultaneously being low-calorie. Tuna goes a long way towards making your lunch delicious, and there is no shortage of different ways to prepare it. For example, it can be oven-baked, with a side of potatoes or vegetables of your choice; it also works great in salads or served with rice. Appetizing recipes and ways to prepare tuna are many and various, but undeniably healthy.

pasteta-od-tuneTuna works well as a breakfast dish, too, whether you eat it canned or whip it up into a pâté. Fresh tomatoes go amazingly well with tuna, making your breakfast even tastier and healthier.

Aside from, we would recommend you give a shot to other fish as well, primarily sardines, cod, mackerel, and tilapia. These types of fish, in particular, boast the highest nutritive value, and there’s no shortage of ways to prepare them.

Cabbage, rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, will definitely help you achieve those perfect results. There are various ways to prepare cabbage, and our personal favorite is definitely the recipe for vegetarian cabbage rolls.

Rice, an all-time favorite for many and a staple in numerous dishes, earns its reputation by being particularly rich in vitamins and minerals and is often lauded as one of the most valued crops in the world, apart from wheat. With rice, you can really get creative and serve it with fish, previously mentioned as one of our top foods, or plain, garnished with your favorite vegetables or steeped in a sauce that gets your taste buds all excited.

When it comes to risotto, we have an amazing mushroom-vegetable risotto recipe- we just love it! 


Many are still clinging to that infamous rule of no food after 6, 7 or 8 PM, whichever it is, it does not matter… since this rule, like so many others is hogwash. You are fine as long as you keep your dinner light and have your last meal of the day around 2 hours before bedtime. That way, you will keep your stomach happy and full, which is just as well, since the concept behind a healthy diet has nothing to do with starving yourself. And that is all you ever really need to keep in mind.

When it comes to our choice items for dinner, low-fat cottage cheese is certainly high on the priority list. Although many do not like the taste of it, these days you can come across a wide variety of different recipes that will make it more palatable, even for the non-believers.

Some of the ideas include mixing it with your favorite vegetables, adding different spices of your choice, or topping it with a yogurt dressing. This very simple dinner choice will keep you full for quite some time, all the while keeping the calorie intake to a minimum.

salata-od-povrcaEating plain, fresh vegetables for dinner is certainly one option we can stand behind. Salads can be delicious and making them is a real pushover. Feel free to let loose and experiment, throw in your favorite vegetables, and add seasoning or your favorite dressing at your own discretion.

Grated vegetables is another pro trick since it can be very accommodating for those who are not really big fans of certain vegetables, let us say carrots. Simply add a few grated carrots to your salad, while compensating with a greater amount of vegetables you like more. You can also mix grated carrots and apples. You will barely taste the carrots, and you will be happy you ate them.

Mixing in honey is another healthy trick to make vegetables taste better. Honey is first and foremost a delicious and nutritious food item, and it will do wonders to spice things up in the vegetable department. Simply sauté your favorite vegetables until they go soft, then mix in a spoonful of honey.

Nuts make for a great choice of food at any time during the day, but dinner is where they really shine. Your favorite nuts mixed with yogurt is just one option for a healthy, easy-to-make dinner.

Cheat Meal – Healthy Diet Secret of Success

One of the reasons why people often give up on eating healthy is the overwhelming yearning for junk food, be it sweets, fast food, or something else. A real healthy diet will allow for any type of food, as long as it is enjoyed moderately. That is why our advice is to allow yourself to indulge in your guilty pleasure item at least once a week.

A healthy diet is paramount when it comes to good health. And since it is a well-established fact that eating healthy helps thwart the onset of a whole series of diseases, you should set out on your healthy diet journey as soon as possible, preferably today.

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