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BMI (Body Mass Index) is a statistical indicator of body weight in relation to height. We use it to find our ideal weight reciprocate to our height. Since it is easy to calculate, BMI is the starting point for determining obesity and malnutrition. BMI is equally calculated for both sexes, but values are interpreted differently. See the table below and find out what your BMI says.

BMI Calculator

BMI World Health Organization Table

< 19.1underweight
19.2- 25.8normal
25.9- 27.3overweight
27.4- 32.2obese
32.3- 44.8obese type 1
> 44.9obese type 2
< 20.7underweight
26.5- 27.8overweight
27.9- 31.1obese
31.2- 45.2obese type 1
> 45.3obese type 2

Interpretation of BMI

If BMI is slightly above normal, it is important to pay attention to nutrition, reduce the intake of calories, and increase activity/movement.
If BMI is too high or extremely high a person is exposed to high risk of illness and should seek medical assistance.

The Faults of BMI

The BMI calculator does not take into account the difference between fat and muscle. Muscle has less mass than fat of the same volume and many athletes are accounted for as obese according to the BMI calculator due to large muscle mass, but they are still healthy and have a low risk of heart disease and other diseases.

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