Castor Oil for Hair Growth, Skin Rejuvenation and Strong Nails

Castor oil

Castor oil is used widely in cosmetics due to the high proportion of vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. Its well-known hydrating properties make it an ideal skin care product, used to relieve dry skin, nourish skin prone to infections and care for mature skin (since it reduces wrinkles). Its various beneficial properties make it just as good for hair care.

Castor Oil for Skin Care

Castor oil is an excellent skin hydrating agent because it can easily penetrate deep into skin pores and hair root due to its small molecular weight (unlike most skin care oils, which are very thick and stay on the surface, castor oil nurtures the skin and hair).

Castor oil hydrates the skin, and its high vitamin E content helps with various skin conditions such as fungal skin infections. Castor oil is an excellent disinfectant for minor skin injuries (scratches, stings, cuts, etc.).

Applied directly to the open wound, the oil acts as an antimicrobial and reduces itching and pain.

Also, it can be used as a natural makeup remover. Unlike makeup removers containing chemicals, castor oil does not contain any irritating and harmful substances for the skin. It nourishes the skin instead. If you want to use it to remove makeup, it is best to use it in combination with jojoba or almond oil due to its density.

You should keep in mind that castor oil stimulates hair growth, so use it carefully in areas where you would like to avoid unwanted hair.

Castor oil for face

Castor Oil for Hair Care

With regular use, castor oil can repair hair damage caused by chemical means (hair dyeing, curling, bleaching).

Castor oil can serve as an excellent hair conditioner when applied to your hair after shampooing.

Before applying the oil, make sure your hair is wet. Castor oil is very thick so it is enough to apply it in small quantities (a few drops). Apply oil to the hair ends and up to half the length, but avoid applying it to the scalp.

After applying, wrap your hair in a warm towel and let it rest for a couple of hours. Then rinse your hair well. Using castor oil on shampooed hair is not recommended for people with thin hair that gets greasy easily.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil has been used for hair care since the time of ancient Egyptians, when men massaged their scalp with castor oil to prevent and treat baldness.

Castor oil stimulates hair growth, even in areas of the skin that were previously hairless.

It is best to massage it directly into the scalp and then work your way from roots to ends to spread it through the rest of your hair. Castor oil makes the hair look really healthy and thick, makes it smooth and glossy and accelerates growth. In addition, it can help you grow thicker and longer eyelashes faster.

Another use of castor oil is as a natural dandruff remedy. Mix 1-2 tablespoons of castor oil with 1 spoonful of coconut oil, heat up slightly and massage the blend into your scalp while it is still warm. Pay particular attention to the dry patches. Let the oil take effect for at least 60 minutes, then shampoo your hair to wash it off.

Castor Oil for Nails

In addition to healthy skin and beautiful hair, castor oil is ideal for nail care because it strengthens brittle nails, accelerates their growth and nourishes the cuticle.

You Can Make Your Own Nail Care Oil at Home:

Mix a spoonful of castor oil with several tablespoons of olive or almond oil and store the oil mixture in a glass vial (you can use an old nose drop bottle, for example).

Soak your nail and cuticle in the oil and let it absorb. You can treat your nails using this oil every time you change your nail polish. In case you do not use nail polish every day, you can apply the oil on a daily basis.

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